Belize Reef and Rainforest Packages

Belize Reef & Rainforest Packages

Can you have it all in one Belize vacation package? Rainforest and reef, jungle and beach, inland adventures and water sports. The country of Belize has all this and more.

Belize is predominantly covered with jungle and rainforest that is home to wildlife reserves and sanctuaries, rivers, herbal trails, massive Mayan ruins and ancient pyramids that are still among the tallest structures in the country today, and a massive system of subterranean caves.

Off the coast lies the sparkling Caribbean Sea that contains the most magnificent marine ecosystem in the entire western hemisphere – the Belize Barrier Reef and three of the four coral atolls in all the Caribbean. This ocean playground offers much to explore and discover.

Instead of choosing between the land and the sea, experience it all on your trip to Belize. Adventures in Belize has selected different jungle adventure resorts and associated packages, along with different island resorts and related packages. Mix and match to create your own great Reef and Rainforest package.

Belize Snorkeling & Scuba Diving Packages

Stretching more than 185 miles along the coastline and covering more than 370 square miles, the Belize Barrier Reef is the second largest coral system in the world after the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

Off the coast of Belize lies the Caribbean Sea which offers some of the best scuba diving with access to 60 species of stony corals, 200 species of colorful fishes and more invertebrates than anyone can count. Most of the Belize marine ecosystem is protected as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, so the scuba diving and snorkeling remains unspoiled.



Calm waters make exploration easy for even novice snorkelers; and experienced scuba divers have plenty of options. Dive operators are continually adding new sites to their repertoires because the Belize reef is such an irresistible frontier. Every diver operation in the country has dozens of favorite destinations.

The best world re-known diving destination.

Belize Cave & Jungle Packages

Did you know that Belize is home to the largest cave system in all of Central America?

Millions of years ago seeping rainwater and underground rivers began etching through soft bedrock and outcrops. What started as just a few little drops slowly became a trickle, which turned into underground rivers, designing these artistic, mysterious places that make up much of the country's landmass. Over 60% of Belize is covered by pristine/lush rainforest much of which is unexplored; and beneath the surface can be found some of the most spectacular and extensive cave systems on the planet.

Belize is filled with rugged and breathtaking natural beauty. The caves and jungles of this Central American country, both infused with the rich Mayan history of Belize, offer much to those seeking adventures on the mainland. Jungle and rainforest covers most of Belize with densely tangled plants and trees that produce mahogany, cedar, and logwood.

The jungle also boasts wildlife reserves and sanctuaries, rivers, herbal trails, massive Mayan ruins and ancient pyramids that are still among the tallest structures in the country today and, of course, subterranean caves.

Belize is home to the largest network of rainforest limestone caves in the Americas. Adorned with stunning stalactites and stalagmites, visitors to these caves can see pigment less fish, bats, symbranchid eels, whip scorpions, and other small creatures. These caves also tell the history of Belize and the Maya religion and culture. Caves were used as ceremonial sites by the Maya, and evidence of their activities can often be found for substantial distances inside these caves. Relics, principally in the form of shards of pottery, are very common.